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Dive into a 8000 miles Roadtrip

From the desert to the glaciers

This book traces a 8000 miles road trip through the heart of the United States, through deserts, forests, mountains, ocean, glaciers and undiscovered gems.

Once back from this adventure, our passion for design and photography pushed us to self-edit this book that retraces and tells our journey through the colors of America. We would like to share and introduce you to the beauty of this country beyond the must-see tourist attractions you have probably already heard about.

We wanted to dedicate this book to all these wild places, where nature remains queen and offers us colors that stay printed in our mind.



Hundreds of unpublished photos.

Many anecdotes.

The locations where each photo were taken.


Limited Edition

We printed only 100 copies of this book, made of 90 pages, printed on art-book paper.

This book is the result of 3 month of hard work, combining our skills : Art direction and Photography.

We made this road trip during the summer '18


About the authors


After 5 years of study in visual communication, he moved to Paris to work as an art director and photography freelancer.


She did the same studies, we met 5 years ago. She also work in Paris, as an art director in a publicity agency.